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Friday, November 26, 2021  
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Barb, Max, and Jim Owens
"I take nothing for granted now. I only have good days and great days."
-- Lance Armstrong 
Please visit Jim's CaringBridge Web site at the following link for the latest updates and a guestbook:

Cancer is not the end, but the beginning of a greater journey. Tremendous challenges may lie ahead, as does deep commitment and life enrichment. My name is Jim Owens and I hope this site is helpful to anybody facing similar challenges as me. Please take a moment to sign my guestbook. Under "My Story" at left you can read more about my brain tumor diagnosis ten years ago and some of my ongoing challenges as I strive for the goal of survivorship.

You may find inspiration, as I have, in the story of cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and in the critical work of his Lance Armstrong Foundation. Similarly, the Cyclists Combating Cancer provides a terrific forum to assist cancer survivors in sharing their daily challenges, milestones, common interests, and goals. If I can help in any way please send me an email. I welcome you to further explore the links on the left.

Jim rode in the 2004 Tour of Hope In 2004, I participated in an amazing journey across the country to help speed the search for a cure for cancer. the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope. Twenty cyclists from the cancer community rode from Los Angeles to Washington, DC with Lance Armstrong in 8 1/2 days. I had the opportunity to help spread the word through a number of local and national television interviews. Click on the Video tab to view them. There are also photos in the TOH photo gallery.

Life is full of Hope even when it takes an unexpected turn. Two weeks after completing the Tour of Hope, a routine MRI revealed that my brain tumor was again growing. I had no signs or symptoms, but there was no denying the images and the need for immediate action. After tests and consultations, we concluded that my best option was indeed a clinical trial of a promising new targeted biologic therapy. I began a Mayo Clinic trial mid-November, and in May received the great news that my tumor was again stable.

Since that time I have had three more recurrences, one surgery, and three changes of therapy including another clinical trial. There have been successes and setbacks. Feel free to contact me at jim@jimsjourney.com if my experience might be helpful to you.

In February 2005, I was honored to receive the Spirit Award from the Minnesota Oncology Hematology Foundation. The story is under the Writings tab.

In October 2005, I was honored to receive the Triumph Award from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. My Survivorship Story may be viewed on the Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveStrong Web site.

In October 2007, Jim & Max participated in the LAF Ride For The Roses and were interviewed for a California television program called The Cancer Report. (The interview begins about 18:30 into the show.)

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) continues to be a leading voice, spirit and actor for Cancer Survivorship. Team Owens will again ride in the LiveStrong Challenge as well as the Ride for the Roses in 2008. Please consider joining us on these rides or sponsoring one of us. With your help, we WILL make a difference, one survivor at a time. Please click on the link below to help others LiveStrong!

Team Owens 2008 Goal: $100,000